Integrative Peacebuilding

Integrative Peacebuilding (IPB) in increasingly complex environments dominated by failed and failing systems is essential if we are to build a culture of peace, equality, and sustainability.  Our ability to stop endless war, poverty, and consumption of the planet’s natural resources is limited only by our willingness to think beyond orthodoxy, to connect issue silos, to join new networks for collaboration and courageous non-violent resistance, to put our bodies on the front lines in the face of injustice, and to engage deeply with our hearts as well as our brains.

The IPB project is a global training program that introduces the new Western science of Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS), and how Complexity Thinking, in concert with a wide range of conflict transformation processes offers an opportunity to apply“out of the box” strategies to assist peacebulding for people and the planet.  The curriculum is presently being offered to graduate students through Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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