Navigating Chaos and Complexity in Everyday Life

Those of us who understand that we are all connected to the tidal wave of change, the rapid pace of global warming, and the globalization of unrestrained capital markets and rising inequality ask:  How can I come up with the best strategies for resilience?  How can I help make the world a better place, and what is my responsibility to the global crises in the world, as well as to myself and my family and community?

Taught by Dr. Merle Lefkoff, Founder and President of the Center for Emergent Diplomacy, and Dr. Norman Johnson, Chief Scientist at Referentia Systems, this experiential workshop introduces the principles of Complexity science, including the role of self-organizing “Collective Intelligence” (CI).  Research demonstrates that taking our own knowledge and combining it with a diverse group of others outperforms “expert” problem solving.

The focus of the workshop is how to develop collective processes for solving wicked problems. We will offer brief introductory lectures and facilitate conversations that count; work individually and in small groups on participant problems, play games that give us insight into how groups working together make better decisions than the individual expert -especially when problems seem overly complex, and discover new networks of affiliation to take solutions and ideas to action.

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