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Pull Together Now (PTN) is a social profit organization dedicated to the well-being of all people through transboundary collaboration. Guided by its Indigenous partners, PTN is transcending religious, social, ethnic and political barriers to nurture a relational worldview and promote the intergenerational solutions required to thrive in harmony with each other and Mother Earth. Visit: pulltogethernow.org



Happiness Alliance is helping to improve the well-being of society by reducing emphasis on economic growth and focusing on the domains that lead to life satisfaction, resilience and sustainability. Visit: happycounts.org



Wild River Review a 501(c)3 online magazine, is the creation of a team of professional writers and artists. They are skilled editors in all genres: nonfiction, feature writing, essays, short and long fiction, poetry, and graphic stories. Visit: wildriverreview.com



Women of Green began as a persistent urging by founder, Carolyn Parrs, to harness the collective power of women to create positive, dramatic and impactful changes in our communities and world. But how? As a long-time communicator, Carolyn did what she knew best, to communicate, first through her own podcast, and then by inviting other women and leaders to do the same. That’s why “Turn Up the Volume” is our mantra and motto on Women Of Green. Visit: womenofgreen.com 



The Indigenous Education Institute (IEI) was created in 1995 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) institution with a mission to preserve, protect and apply traditional Indigenous knowledge in a contemporary setting, that of Indigenous peoples today, around the world. IEI has developed numerous projects that preserve traditional knowledge, protect the knowledge in terms of Indigenous protocol, and apply it to areas such as astronomy and other science disciplines. Visit: indigenousedu.org



Take Back Your Time, a project of Sustainable Seattle, is a broad, non-partisan coalition to challenge the epidemic of overwork, over-scheduling and time famine that now threatens our health, our relationships, our communities, and our environment. How we use our time and measure the quality of our lives affects people across class, gender, race, and ideological lines. What brings our diverse group together is a belief that we can shape policy and customs that improve our quality of life and influence better outcomes for us all. Together we can explore ideas and create plans for action, like our policy agenda. Visit: Takeyourtimeback.org




The Rio Puerco Alliance focuses on restoration through outreach, education, & collaborative action.  They facilitate workshops, outdoor classrooms, lectures, publications, site tours, consultations, collaborative demonstration projects and awards. Initiating designing, and implementing restoration projects that focus on watershed health, use, restoration, management, and new concepts regarding sustainable land use in the Rio Puerco watershed and throughout New Mexico. They Involve landowners, local, state, and federal elected officials, administrative agencies, and the general public. Visit: www.centerfornonprofitexcellence.org


STEMarts Lab is a project that designs and delivers innovative STEMarts LABS  (Science, technology, engineering, math + art as social practice) as part of school programming, art and science festivals, events and museums. These STEMarts LABS provide opportunities for creative expression and innovation, collaboration and real world experience through the integration of STEM (science. technology. engineering, math) and the arts. They feature new media artists and interdisciplinary teams whose innovative practicesand ‘ways of knowing’ offer a deeper and more meaningful understanding of STEM concepts and the arts. Students experiment and create work that then becomes part of a real-world event. They learn to be part of a professional collaboration and perform or install their creation along with their host artist or team. Visit: www.stemartslab.com.