A gathering of creative thinkers, activists, and leaders from innovative humanitarian organizations, indigenous communities, and the front lines of failing political and economic systems. What unites ECOS participants is commitment to building a new blueprint for the global economic and political order founded on compassion, reverence for the earth, on cooperation rather than control. Read more now ▸



Extending the Nuclear Taboo

A group of delegates from Iran, Israel, the Korean Peninsula and international policy think tanks among others, explored many themes including the reality that the “nuclear taboo” operates in a complex adaptive system with many dimensions.  Read more now ▸


Envision: The Big Picture

The Big Picture is a discussion on climate change. The project is a gathering, the junction of diverse contributors, each providing a unique aspect of the bigger picture in an effort to stimulate vision building and collective action. Read more now ▸



We Have a Story!

Together with partners in Israel and Palestine, we propose the We Have a Story! project. We Have a Story!will grow a network of Israeli and Palestinian young people using social media to craft, share and disseminate stories about a future Middle East that will operate under new rules of peace and prosperity.    Read more now ▸


Women Changing Outcomes In The Middle East

Women have demonstrated the ability to transcend barriers, sit down with their counterparts, and begin to share experiences. Our decade of working in the Balkans with Bosnian, Serb, Kosovar, and Croatian women, along with meetings in Israel and the Palestinian territories, has confirmed our intuition that women can construct societies across ethnic and political differences, regardless of sectarian divides.    Read more now ▸


Integrative Peacebuilding 

Integrative problem solving in increasingly complex environments dominated by failed and failing systems is essential if we are to build a culture of peace, equality, and sustainability. Our ability to stop endless war, poverty, and consumption of the planet’s natural resources is limited only by our willingness to think beyond orthodoxy, to develop new networks for collaboration, to be courageous in the face of injustice, and to engage deeply with our hearts as well as our brains.  Read more now ▸