Emerge.Now will call together creative thinkers, activists, and leaders from innovative humanitarian organizations, indigenous communities, universities and civic life.  Meeting from March 17-24, 2018, and using innovative meeting processes, invited delegates will participate in potentially game-changing collaborations in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. Each EMERGE.NOW participant is actively committed to the creation a new global economic and political system founded on compassion, reverence for the earth, on cooperation rather than control. Read more now ▸



Extending the Nuclear Taboo

Center for Emergent Diplomacy President Dr. Merle Lefkoff and physicist Dr. James Bradbury co-convened and facilitated a series of 3 back-channel nuclear non-proliferation meetings in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They welcomed delegates from Iran, Israel, the Korean Peninsula and international policy think tanks among others.  Read more now ▸


Envision: The Big Picture

Envision: The Big Pictureis a collaborative project utilizing thought, media and connection to showcase multiple perspectives on the issues of climate change. The project has assembled a diverse group of contributors, each providing a unique aspect of the bigger picture in an effort to stimulate vision building and collective action. Read more now ▸



We Have a Story!

Let’s give Israeli and Palestinian young people the opportunity to craft their own stories and dream their own futures. Together with partners in Israel and Palestine, We Have a Story! can grow a network of young people using social media to craft, share and collaborate as they disseminate stories about a future Middle East that will operate under new rules of peace and prosperity. Read more now ▸


Women Changing Outcomes In The Middle East

Women in the Middle East have demonstrated the ability to transcend barriers, sit down with their counterparts, and begin to share experiences. Our decades of meetings in Israel and the Palestinian territories, along with working in the Balkans with Bosnian, Serb, Kosovar, and Croatian women, has confirmed our intuition that women can construct societies across ethnic and political differences, regardless of sectarian divides. Now, an exciting new generation of young Palestinian and Israeli women are ready to lead the way.  Read more now ▸


Integrative Peacebuilding 

The Integrative Peacebuilding project is a global training program that introduces the new Western science of Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS), and explains how Complexity Thinking, in concert with a wide range of conflict transformation processes, offers an opportunity to apply “out of the box” strategies to assist with peacebuilding for people and the planet.  The curriculum is presently being offered to graduate students through Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Read more now ▸