We Have A Story!

Together with partners in Israel and Palestine, We Have a Story! project will grow a network of Israeli and Palestinian young people using social media to craft, share and disseminate stories about a future Middle East that will operate under new rules of peace and prosperity.  

Their stories will be shared web wide and most importantly, sent to political decision makers in order to inform and influence their decisions about the future Middle East.

The current profound stalemate and the unfinished business of traditional dialogue programs lead us to propose a fresh approach. The idea for We Have a Story! emerged during our work in Israel and Palestine, listening and recording Palestinian and Israeli youth in their quest for a decent and viable future.

The worldwide web is the gift allowing joint activities in virtual space to self-organize without the need for expensive and difficult face-to-face meetings. Kids all over the world, regardless of their conditions in life, are using the Internet to share the unfolding of their life stories. Together they are building networks for a deep exchange of ideas. We trust these young people to imagine a future presently missing as they approach adulthood.

Can we challenge the “single story” of “a history of violence” in Israel and Palestine? These stories that are many years old, even centuries old, were created by adults in conditions that existed before they were born. Lets give young people the opportunity to craft their own stories and dream their own futures. We have a Story! is particularly important in a context of what has been called 'learned helplessness'. These youngsters grow up in a situation dominated by manifest and structural violence that often seems beyond their control. They feel they can make little difference, but they can and we offer the tools for that self empowerment. 

If you are interested in supporting this program or learning more please contact us.

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