"we are an action research organization convening and facilitating mass collective action for systemic change."

— Mission


The Center for Emergent Diplomacy is a social-profit think tank exploring radical diplomatic processes from the frontier of whole systems change. We accomplish our mission by convening thought leaders and activists on the front lines from all sectors of society, and facilitating creative problem solving and negotiation processes drawn from the science of complex systems. Concentrating on what works and what needs to be tried, our training workshops and conferences weave together bleeding-edge ideas, goals, and campaigns into the whole fabric of collaborative global impact.

We embrace psychologist Dorothy Stoneman's challenge: "It is imperative that we select as our goals the most far-reaching, deep, uplifting, revolutionary goals that will produce the most universal benefits for humanity,

the planet Earth and the universe. There is no point in choosing partial goals, because we will limit our success precisely to the extent that we limit our goals."

Our social systems, and the natural systems of which we are a part, are undergoing accelerated change, and in many cases are disintegrating. Climate change and cancerous growth resulting from unfettered global capitalism compromise our survival. We leave to others the essential work of triage on human and natural ecologies caught up in system failure. We focus a laser beam on the underlying causes of failure and negotiate direct actions that lead to a more equitable, productive, and happier future for all.

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